Article originally published on Rhinoberry.

Bobby Yarn owned by Antoinette Stoltz

Founder Antoinette cleverly created her business’ name by combining her nickname (Bobby) and her love for sewing (yarn).

Together these words form a play on the word “bobbejaan”, Afrikaans for baboon, which is perfectly suited because Antoinette adores all kinds of apes.

Bobby Yarn produces unique African-inspired bags, and with the arrival of the pandemic they have added masks to their repertoire.

We are talking handbags, shoulder bags, sling bags, tote bags, beach bags and more. You can choose from African or proudly South African themes, or design your own beautiful bag.

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Bobby Yarn has grown from buying fabric off the shelf to now being able to design, print and manufacture their materials themselves.

They rely strongly on the various social media platforms to promote their products – and they make sure that there is always something new, boring is not an option.

Antoinette believes in doing her best to always keep customers happy, and she will go as far as contacting past customers to see if they need anything or can provide feedback.

She advises entrepreneurs to stay humble and to be kind yet confident.

Take the risk or lose the chance. Starve your distractions and feed your focus. The saying goes: ‘She believed she could, so she did!’

“Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself.” – Antoinette Stoltz